Welcome to www.birdcallers.com
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Welcome to www.birdcallers.com

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****** Festivals ************* ********

Colac good Friday Easter market

Colac Vic Friday 25th March 2016

Bright Easter Saturday Market

Bright Vic Saturday 26th March 2016

Tocumwal Market

Tocumwal NSW Sunday 27th March 2016

Yarram Easter Monday Monster Market

Yarram Vic 28th March 2016

Altona Market

Altona Vic Tuesday 29th March

(Last updated Thursday 24 th March 2016)

****** Recent Events ************* ********

Port Fairy Folk Festival

Port Fairy Vic March 2016

Instructions for the bird callers

("Winner of the best stall on the Cadbury show bags lawn for the 20014 Hobart Show in October, three years running and fifth award!!!!!")

Hi I am Sol & I sell six different types of Hand Made bird callers and The Wackey Whistle.
These are basically whistles that that can immitate the sounds of various different birds.......

    * Bird Callers
    * Owl Callers
    * Duck Callers
    * Chicken Callers
    * Rainforest Callers
    * Wackey Whistles (Recomended ages 8 and over)
    * Kookaburra Callers

The whistles are AUD$4.00 each. exept the Kookaburra forAUD $5

Wackey Whistles are AUD $5 or 5 for AUD $20

You can purchase 3 different Callers/whistles for AUD$10.00,

Set of 6 bird callers for $19 ,

Set of 6 bird callers $19 + Wackey $5 for $23

Please include postage and handling - AUD$8.00 for delivery with tracking no. within Australia, AUD$18.00 for international purchases from North America. And $22 for the rest of the world

Please email me your order to birdcallers@hotmail.com

I will email you back you a Pay Pal invoice

Don't forget to include your name and address of where to send the items..

Where you can find me selling the birdcallers next.......
Contact us
How to use the bird callers
Book .. Jets Day by our Valerie Lang

Thankyou !!!